Personalized Nutritional Therapy and Functional Testing  

"I can eat what I need without feeling guilty, deprived, or bloated. The newfound ease I've experienced with my gut health (and *ahem* regularity) has been remarkable."

Blanca H.


You're in the right place if you're tired of hearing your symptoms are ‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ and something you just have to live with.

What you're feeling may be common, but that doesn't mean it's normal. 

I'll help you pinpoint the cause, understand why you're not feeling your best, and develop a targeted plan to support your body’s unique needs. 

I use a holistic approach to health, combining personalized nutrition counseling, functional testing, and tailored recommendations to address bloating, bowel irregularity, heartburn/reflux, fatigue, migraines, hormone imbalances, sleepless nights, skin issues and more. Working together, you'll gain the knowledge, tools, and accountability needed to transform how you feel so you can stop letting your symptoms get in the way of the life you want to live. 


"I no longer have bowel irregularity (fluctuating constipation and diarrhea), I can eat so many more foods than I have been in the last 10 years, and I have significantly less fear and anxiety when it comes to food. I also feel much more confident saying yes to social situations because I’m not worried about my stomach hurting."

Becca E.


How does nutritional therapy work?

In-depth Nutritional and Symptom Analysis 

We start exactly where you are. You will fill out your health history, a symptom questionnaire, and a food journal. Before our kickoff call, I analyze the assessments to help me understand your symptoms and where your body needs the most support to address your concerns and make progress. Depending on your level of support, we may start with functional testing to dig deeper and create a targeted, personalized plan.

Functional Lab Testing 

Depending on your symptoms, goals and history, we may decide to use functional lab testing to give us precise insights into what could be driving imbalances and how to best support your body. Testing is not always necessary for every client, but for others, it can give us the missing pieces of what's been driving health concerns.



1:1 Virtual Coaching and Support  

We will have in-depth calls and brief check-ins to create and update your plan, make adjustments, and continue any necessary education and motivation to keep you progressing toward your goals. You know your body and life better than anyone, so finding what works takes a collaborative approach. My goal is to give you tools, knowledge and sustainable practices you can use for a lifetime. 


Personalized Diet and Lifestyle Action Plan 

Strict meal plans don’t work long-term. I’ll give you guidance and suggestions informed by my analysis, experience and education as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. We’ll work together to create a flexible nutrition and/or lifestyle plan that works best for your body and life.



"I didn't realize how miserable I was until I finally felt some relief! Prior to working with Kristi, I had chronic acid reflux and bloating for years and after a few short months of working with her, nearly all of my symptoms were significantly reduced."

Lindsey L.


Ready to get started?

Step 1

Apply! If we're a good fit based on your goals and symptoms, we'll hop on a 20-minute video call to learn more about each other. This is a no-obligation opportunity for us to connect face-to-face and see if we're a good fit to work together. Why? Because a successful coaching relationship is a two-way street. You’ll tell me more about your goals and concerns, and if nutritional therapy is a good fit, we'll talk through next steps to get you started.

Step 2

Choose your package. There are options to fit the support you need to implement and stick to nutrition and lifestyle changes to reach your goals. I can provide my recommendation, but ultimately you know your body, life and priorities better than anyone.


Step 3

Let’s do it. Once you’ve chosen a package and the initial paperwork is out of the way, we’ll schedule our kickoff meeting and I’ll send the necessary assessments to complete before our first meeting.  




"I no longer have to spend every day worrying about whether I will feel bad, when it might happen, and cancel plans or call out from work if it did. I get emotional thinking about how much this process with you has changed my life. I am immensely grateful! "

Adrien A.


Nutritional Therapy Coaching Services

A personalized roadmap to a vibrant, energized life with support, guidance, accountability and encouragement along the way.

3-Month Package



The perfect foundational starting point of a wellness journey, featuring in-depth symptom analysis and functional testing to help uncover the root of your symptoms and high-touch support.

  • Complete nutritional assessment analysis¬†(a comprehensive symptom and health survey with 300+ questions) and diet audit.
  • Includes comprehensive bloodwork panel and analysis to understand functional imbalances that can be contributing to symptoms (over $600 value).¬†
  • 90-minute¬†video consultation¬†to review your results and discuss the first recommended steps to get started. You can't do it all at once, so we prioritize what makes most sense based on your situation and goals.
  • Monthly face-to-face video sessions,¬†weekly check-ins and unlimited messaging for support and accountability.
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement* recommendations.

*Recommended supplement costs not included in package price. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and/or hormone panels can be added for an additional cost.


The Deep Dive (6 Months)

Contact for pricing


Get longer-term, personalized nutrition and lifestyle support, functional testing, accountability and guidance to prioritize, fine-tune and help keep you on track in every step of the way. We'll start with a deep-dive analysis and plan, and continue tweaking to ensure you're getting the results you want and set up for success long-term. Healing takes time. The magic happens in the long-term, sustainable work.

This partnership is perfect for someone who is ready to commit to improving their health and has multiple goals, complex concerns, or has in-depth gut health needs.

  • Complete deep-dive nutritional assessment analysis¬†(a comprehensive symptom and health survey with 300+ questions) and diet audit, plus reassessments as necessary.
  • Includes comprehensive bloodwork panel and GI-MAP stool test analysis to understand functional imbalances that can be contributing to symptoms (over $1200 value).¬†MRT food sensitivity test, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and/or hormone panels can be added for an additional cost.
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement* recommendations.
  • 90-minute video kickoff call to discuss highest priority areas of focus¬†for you¬†and a plan to begin implementing immediately to make progress.
  • Monthly face-to-face video sessions and unlimited messaging for support, accountability and to progress your plan as necessary. Weekly check-ins can be added for an additional fee.

*Recommended supplement costs are not included in package price. 


"Daily heartburn was my biggest complaint and that has essentially vanished. This improves my overall comfort and health on a daily basis, has allowed me to re-introduce foods I had avoided for years, and spend a lot less of my time thinking about my digestion throughout my days."

John H.


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